We Match Individuals, Not Resumes

Your employees are your most important asset.

They represent your organization and their success brings you success. At Robin Judson Partners, we help you find candidates who will fit in your company culture, help your business grow, and make you proud. Many candidates have the right skills; we find the ones with the right fit.

We take the time to learn about your business, your management team, and your company culture before the recruiting process begins. By listening and maintaining long-term relationships with you, we adapt our search process to meet your individual needs.

How it Works

We will meet with your hiring professionals to gain a complete understanding of the role you are seeking to fill and the personality profile of the team.

We research and screen potential candidates for the skills and personality traits that make sense for you.

We will only submit candidates to you that we genuinely believe have what it takes. Our submission will include a resume as well as an assessment by our staff. Resumes are submitted only with the prior approval of our candidates.

We will schedule interviews, provide feedback to the candidates, advise you on a candidate’s level of interest, check references, and help you weigh the candidates’ relative merits.

When an offer is made, we serve as an intermediary during compensation negotiations and all post-acceptance work.

At Robin Judson Partners, we ensure confidentiality, provide seamless service, and have an outstanding ability to identify candidates with the best culture and skills fit to maximize your business’s productivity and growth.

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