How to Approach a Recruiter

It can be intimidating to contact a recruiter, particularly for individuals who are unemployed and those who have not recruited in a long time. To find a good recruiter, ask people you trust for recruiter recommendations. If a friend or colleague had a particularly successful experience with a recruiter, ask for an introduction. 

Then read the recruiter’s website. Most reputable recruiters have a website that outlines their working philosophy. The websites will also usually outline the recruiter’s expertise. If you
are a cybersecurity expert and the word cyber security does not appear in the website, the recruiter is probably not the right one for you.

If you send your resume, it will most likely be deleted.

Follow the guidance provided in the website for submitting a resume. If it asks for an email, send an email. If it provides a number for first contact, use the number. If there is a portal, read the instructions carefully. For instance, our website job board assures candidates that we will consider resumes for all appropriate roles, and that it is not necessary to apply to multiple jobs.

Despite that, we have people daily who submit their resume for as many as ten jobs. We delete the duplicates and only read the one to see if we have appropriate opportunities. We question why someone would send their resume so many times during one visit.

If a recruiter responds to your submission, answer the email. Even if you have decided not to recruit after all, let them know. You may need that recruiter in the future and it’s better to leave a positive impression