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  • The Importance of Culture Fit

    What makes a great candidate? Talent and experience are crucial. A strong track record and reputation help too. But there’s […]

  • How to Avoid Job Hopping

    We see more job hopping than ever before with more Millennial and Gen Z workers in the workforce. Switching employers […]

  • $4M to Change Your Mind

    Reneging on an offer has always been costly to one’s reputation – now it can also be costly to one’s […]

  • Honor Your NDA

    Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) have become increasingly common on Wall Street in recent years. But what exactly is an NDA? And […]

  • Evaluating WFH When Considering a Job Change

    Everyone’s job search is different. You may be a top performer whose learning curve has stalled, opportunistically looking. You may […]

  • How to Approach a Recruiter

    It can be intimidating to contact a recruiter, particularly for individuals who are unemployed and those who have not recruited […]

  • Laid Off, What Comes Next?

    As recruiters, we are already seeing candidates who have been laid off and are searching for their next role. The […]

  • Layoffs Coming? Prepare Now!

    If the possibility of getting laid off is keeping you up at night, here are some ways to get ready […]

  • Now Is Not The Time To Accept A Counter Offer

    Jack G. complained constantly that his fund did not pay him anywhere close to the value he produced. In his […]

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